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Outsource Accounts Payable Service

As a

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, KMK Ventures provides outsourced accounts payable services, which means a business does not have to deal with bills from vendors. The invoices are sent to us directly. With your approval, payments are made quickly.

Not only is the process fast, but it also makes accounting on your part easy. The only obligation of the business owner is granting us approval. In addition to paying invoices, our bookkeepers tend to the tedious task of reconciling credit card statements.

Our team is made up of experienced accountants and financial officers. With KMK Ventures working for you, your virtual accounting runs like a well-oiled machine. For those tired of handling numbers, KMK Ventures offers the ideal bookkeeping services. We will hand the company’s

online accounts payable

or the entire accounting operation. We have the tools to accomplish the job and would like to be your outsourced accounting company.

Vendor payments are kept current with our accounts payable management system. We go beyond categorizing income and expenses to pay bills for you. Our team combines in-depth industry knowledge, methodology, and automation to customize accounts payable solutions that increase efficiency.

The software we use is only part of the solution. Qualified individuals process orders, enter bills from vendors, create invoices, and reconcile accounts so that financial data is accurate. Our

online accounts payable services

are cost-effective for businesses of any size, including nonprofits, freelancers, and startups. The team is dedicated to finding the most innovative technologies to maintain payments to vendors. They will want to continue doing business with you.

Accurate, Accredited, Affordable Accounts Payable Services For Your Business.

Outsourced Accounts Payable Services

Vendors are the lifeline of any business. Keeping track of payable accounts is key to the uninterrupted support needed for a business to function efficient. Account payable services we offer our clients are

  • Expense claim processing
  • Filing and issuing 1099s
  • Invoice and payment processing
  • Purchase order processing
  • Vendor set-up and maintenance
  • Vendor statement reconciliation
  • Banking and General Ledger Maintenance

The Value of a Online Accounts Payable Service

Businesses spend an excessive amount of money and time manually processing supplier invoices, reporting on cash position, and resolving errors. The result is sometimes missed early-payment discounts, late payment penalties, and strained supplier relationships.

A comprehensive, electronic accounts payable solution goes beyond making and accepting payments. It streamlines the back office through integration and extends accounts payable payments to optimize risk mitigation and cost reduction

The Efficiency of Online Accounts Payable

Companies have a more accurate view of spending that allows them to monitor the health of financial relationships with suppliers. They have control of flexible limits that give them the ability to set limits on specific transactions by merchant and single purchase limits within a designated time frame.

Businesses realize the benefits associated with globally optimized payments. The process is configured to operate within existing procedures and approval hierarchies. The business continues as usual or takes the opportunity to improve the process if necessary.

Our process improves daily working capital by eliminating inefficient paper-based payments and increasing cash flow. The efficient function of a business is needed to keep track of accounts payable to vendors. They are the lifeline to any business.

Our services include

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Our firm chose KMK Ventures to prepare us for the change to become a cloud based accounting firm. The team we worked with was very knowledgeable and explained the process clearly. We use KMK Ventures now and plan to do so in the future. The company is one we highly recommend.

Donald Simpson
Chairman, Bluewater Corp

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