As a finance and accounting outsourcing  firm, Our services include virtual accounting to revolutionise payment processing by allowing transactions to be initiated virtually. The ability to automatically generate ledgers and maintain the most important financial activity of a business is the most significant advantage of being a Finance and Accounting outsourcing firm. This aids in keeping track of a company’s income and expenses.

The general ledger has a major role in wise management decisions and control of business activities. It is the foundation of a business’s balance sheet profit and loss account. The ledger must be reconciled regularly to avoid financial differences on balance sheets.

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It is highly recommended to hire top outsourced accounting firm, such as KMK Ventures to handle accounts. We have experience performing general maintenance services and varied accounting such as

  • Paid in advance cash accounting
  • Assets purchasing and disposal, and journal entries
  • Inventory records
  • Payroll related entries
  • Records of lease rentals, loans taken, and so on
  • Review and reconciliation of balance sheets, ledger accounts, etc.

Why to Outsource Banking and General Ledger Maintenance

Obtaining advance cash or payment from your clients requires careful accounting attention. It affects the entries in a business’s accounting records. The main consideration is the payment mode and recording the transaction in the general ledger to ensure the payment is accounted for correctly.

When a product is purchased, the entry has to be made in the business books and eliminated from the balance sheet of at the time of disposal. Inventory records carry as much importance as any records in a business’s books. An inventory system should keep track of inventory and ensure records are updated.

Payroll entries are expenses to be recorded in the payroll general ledger. Any lease given or loan taken to meet business needs have to be added to a business’s books and posted in general maintenance to maintain an organizations’ profit and loss.

Relieve yourself of the tension by allowing KMK Ventures’ online accounting services in India to maintain your general ledger. We will handle

  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Journal entry postings
  • Manage consolidation
  • Reconcile control accounts

The software we use is powerful and intuitive. We can help businesses get started, help them manage their business, and help them succeed in their growth. The Enterprise Resource Planning attributes of the software we use brings an intuitive, user-friendly experience that gets to the heart of business and gains insights into those metrics that matter most. Our cloud based accounting firm manages all of your accounting needs. It is a set of applications that collects, stores, manages, and interprets data from a company’s activities.

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The commitment and focus of KMK ventures is commendable. They provide quality services when it comes to outsourcing accounts receivable services. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who are looking for accounts receivable outsourcing companies.

Sharon Wishart

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KMK Ventures is among the leading Outsourced Accounting Solution provider today. We provide professional, expert service to clients in India, the U.S, and other international countries. Our staff consists of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants.

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