Outsourcing – Work from Home Trends Are Allowing Companies to Look Beyond Traditional Way of Doing Things

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Our thinking about work is changing rapidly. More and more companies are adopting flexible conditions allowing employees to work remotely while traveling or from home. The term ‘digital nomad’ has been coined to describe people who travel and work without setting foot in an office.

Advanced Technology

This shift is mostly due to stable internet connections and better software for communicating with companies and organizing tasks. Remote work did not work for a few major businesses, was good for others, and had amazing results for some businesses.

KMK Ventures wants to paint a picture of how work from home could affect companies of all sizes and types. Having relative statistics and facts about working from home helps businesses improve their productivity and create better policies. Here are some statistics from reputable sources.

• Since 2008, the number of people working from home increased by 140 percent.

• In the US, 4.3 million people work from home at least part-time.

• Sixty-eight percent of millennial seeking work said a working remotely option increases the interest in an employee.

• Eighty-five percent of US companies are hybrid employers in businesses that allow or require remote work.

• There is a 25 percent lower turnover of employees in companies that permit remote work.

Every office goer has complained about the commuting to and from the office, monotony of cubicles, and unnecessary round-table meetings. The factors sometimes result in a lack of motivation and lower employee productivity.

Win-Win Situation:

Keeping employees motivated and productive is paramount. The trend to work from home increases with the internet boom and advancement in communication. It is a win for both employers and employees.
Those traveling five or six days a week find working at home a genuine ordeal. Employers benefit from lower overhead costs. Despite the benefits, working from home didn’t gain a strong impetus until the COVID-19 crisis.

Companies that never considered working from home as a possibility had to shift their thinking. Lockdowns saw big and small offices shutting their doors. A significant part of the globe was pushed into working from home. The question arises, ‘Will working from home replace working from an office?’

Home vs. Office


A popular survey indicated that almost 65 percent of employees are more productive at home than in traditional workplaces. 

The decision cannot be based on one statistic. It is worth looking at businesses that have outsourced accounting services to learn about the benefits of remote work.

Offshore accounting services India is booming due to accessibility to the internet and telecommunications. It contributes to the work-from-home culture because employers can do many of the business tasks remotely.

Cloud based accounting services provide access from anywhere there is internet service. Because these firms have experienced the benefits of hiring offshore remote employees India, such as KMK Ventures, they are faced with the decision about how to accommodate employees best while keeping the interests of the organization.

A Look into the Future

Can the new trend override the round-table conferences and office cubicles? 

1. The answer remains to be seen. COVID-19 has and continues to impact business as usual. Since the pandemic, office culture dynamics are changing.

2. Businesses, forced to work from home because of lockdowns, are debunking some myths and clearing some skepticism about remote working. 

3. Despite the benefits, some jobs require people to be in the field or at the office. Statistics also show remote employees find balancing work and life difficult and have higher levels of stress.

4. Older workers or those with poor broadband access may struggle with the concept. Remote work was rare ten years ago. Work from home was usually available only as an accommodation for specific cases.

5. Telework technology and teleconferencing advanced to the point some businesses thrive solely with remote teams. It is not unusual for companies to allow employees to work from home a couple of days each week.

6. All business in the future may not be done remotely, but the advantage it offers to both employers and employees will likely cause an increase. 

7. Coupled with the services, like that provided by KMK Ventures, increased work from home can be predicted with a degree of certainty.

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