Lowering labor and operations costs are the primary reasons companies choose outsourcing. Accounting at your Fingertips
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Outsourcing is a contract with an outside service provider to perform business processes. It helps increase shareholder value by the reduction of non-core function costs. Situations where virtual outsourced accounting services are applicable include

Reasons to chose outsourcing Lowering labor and operations costs are the primary reasons companies choose outsourcing. It enables companies to enjoy the benefits of re-engineering, revising, and upgrading a project to meet the needs of clients. The benefits include

Improvement of the Business Process, Productivity, and Profits

KMK Ventures uses processes that are tried and tested. Our clients experience improved productivity, and consequently, increase profits. Often, CPA firms have bottlenecked activities that are non-productive.

Converting Fixed Costs to Variable Costs

There are many ways to convert fixed costs to variable costs. They include increasing pay like sales commissions and production incentives and decreasing fixed pay. Businesses can convert their infrastructure to pay-per-use, like contract manufacturing, and scale resources up or down as needed rather than commit to fixed employee costs.

24/7 Operation

Spreading across the globe with several facilities that are hours apart was a concept limited to support staff and 24-hour call centers for global communication until the dawning of robust information technology.Geographic time difference no longer affects our flexibility to provide overlapping hours to collaborate. CPA firms leverage the advantages of round-the-clock operations.

Lowering Liability of Infrastructure

Reducing certain fixed costs to improve cash flow is possible. There is an increasing dependency on centralized, outsourced infrastructure that sets businesses apart from their competition and manages risks by formally addressing operational control. When the fixed employee costs of a CPA firm turn into on-demand variable costs, the capital expenditure of IT infrastructure reduces also.

Turnaround Time Improvement

Turnaround time is among the most significant aspects for any CPA firm to track. It is an indication of the productivity and efficiency level of a business. Also, it indicates the quality of service offered to clients. High efficiency and productivity lead to customer retention and possible referrals. When CPA firms leverage 24/7 operations, there is a vast improvement in turnaround time.

Lowering Operational Costs

Nearly every business has continuing operating costs. It may be possible to keep costs low by virtual work, but the option is not available to all businesses. Many companies outsource tasks to an outside team or contractor. By outsourcing tasks to skilled workers around the world, you save on labor and still deliver quality work. Our clients can leverage the advantage of lower operational costs with our outsourcing model.

We Serve Every industry has a special needs and all those special needs ask for a special solution.
At KMK Ventures we offer solutions that are especially built to aid special characteristics of that specific industry.

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KMK Ventures is among the leading Outsourced Accounting Solution provider today. We provide professional, expert service to clients in India, the U.S, and other international countries. Our staff consists of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants.

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